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Summer Is Coming

It’s been beautiful in Southern California the past few days.  Sadly the surf has been minimal at best, but we’ve been enjoying the weather


sano with jake 006.JPG_effected



San Diego Surf Film Festival Promotions

Did some fun promotions with the founders of the San Diego Surf Film Festival today at the San Diego Union Tribune:


Getting pretty pumped for the festival.  Party Mix is being shown on Sunday May 12 along with a bunch of other awesome films.  Personally I’m looking forward to Mikey DeTemple’s short, the Lakey Peterson movie, and Intentio which is closing the festival.  I’ve been waiting to see Intentio for almost two years!  Can’t believe I’m showing a film at the same festival and night as those films.  Pretty humbled and grateful.

Check out for schedule and tickets.


chris cantore, myself, pierce michael kavanagh, petra kavanagh


Afternoon Session



Living in the moment: a difficult ideal to achieve, and often elusive.  Activities like these are the most reliable way for myself to not be burdened with past and future.  Pure focus on action and reaction.  Challenging self.

Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi  coined this state as flow.  He asks, “What makes a life worth living?” Noting that money cannot make us happy, he looks to those who find pleasure and lasting satisfaction in activities that bring about a state of “flow.”  He defines flow as ‘the state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter; the experience itself is so enjoyable that people will do it even at great cost, for the sheer sake of doing it.’

 with: monica, shelby, christine

del mar skatepart 080.JPG_effected-002


del mar skatepart 135.JPG_effected

del mar skatepart 031.JPG_effected

del mar skatepart 077.JPG_effected-001

del mar skatepart 038.JPG_effected



Small roundup of what we’ve been doing…. in photo format.  After all, photos are worth a thousand words.

pool and cliff diving 008.JPG_effected-001

pool and cliff diving 010.JPG_effected

pool and cliff diving 085.JPG_effected

pool and cliff diving 099.JPG_effected

pool and cliff diving 111.JPG_effected-001

bread bowl session // photo: monica thatcher

bread bowl session // photo: monica thatcher


Spinning Vinyl

Just got a new turntable here in the apartment.  It’s big…right now it’s taking over the card table where the editing computer sits.


I really wish I had a camera for the look my mom gave me when I said I wanted to get a turntable.  She couldn’t believe it.  I got inspired by Jen actually…every time I went over to her house the first thing I wanted to do was put on one of her records.  She has some good ones…Discovery, Beach House, Mattson 2.  There’s just something really satisfying about it to me.  Probably because it’s new to me and I never really used one before.  And how can that black circle of plastic produce such great sound just from a needle?  In this age of digital everything, it’s fun to have something mechanical and physical working in front of you.  And in a time where you can get whatever song you want whenever you want it, it’s actually cool to have a finite selection of music on hand.  It’s almost relaxing in a way; slows things down.

My grandma had an old victrola.  It had a hand crank, and the sound came out of the cabinet.  We still have it in my parents basement in New York.  I wonder if we could restore it to use.  I’ll probably take a look at it when I go home for a visit.

Anyway…pretty happy with the new addition to the studio here.  And I’m also very lucky to live within a mile of one of the cooler record stores in the area…Lou’s Records!  I snagged a copy of Cut Copy’s first album on Record Store Day.

What I’m spinning:  Wild Nothing, Cut Copy, Depeche Mode, Beatles, VUM


Holes In The Map – New Sea Movie

The short I filmed over the fall is now up on‘s website!  I was very honored to be asked to do a piece for them, and the road trip just happened to be a perfect subject matter to film for their Sea Movies segment.

Check it out!


promoting is being featured in an advertising series for VeriSign.  I talked about what I was doing and how I was using a .tv website to publish my work.  VeriSign governs how the internet connects to itself, and also governs domain names.  Once the ad series is up I’ll post a link.  It was interesting being on the other side of the camera!




2 Week Recap

Late on the update here as usual.  It’s been a fun couple of weeks, from the Board Shorts Film Fest until today.




Jenna at my apartment with the board her dad shaped for her, right before we went over to the Board Shorts Film Fest



Monica and I, posing with the two Mandala boards that Manny Caro shaped by hand. The white one is Monica’s, the dark one is Manny’s but he lent it to me for the week. This board was one of the most fun boards I have ever surfed in my life, hands down.



Jen Smith sure knows how to throw a Taco Tuesday party. Her pad in Pacific Beach.


Board Shorts Recap

The Board Shorts Film Festival last weekend (yah I’m a bit late in updating here, haha) was a blast.  It was Jenna’s birthday too, so there was a bit of extra fun involved.  The event was packed out.  Apparently it sold out two days beforehand, and there was a wait list of over 100 people.  Not bad at all, gotta hand it to Michelle and Liz for promoting the event so well.

I was really stoked to see a New York film in the festival this year.  That, along with Chris Grant’s little bio pic on Danielle Burt were my two favorites of the bunch.

After the show as we were getting ready to leave, I saw Linda Benson outside.  She gave me some really nice compliments on my work, and I was so humbled and stoked.  She’s not one to throw around false praise.  Plus, she is a legend!!  So rad.

Party Mix was also selected to show in the San Diego Surf Film Festival in May!

Thanks to everyone for the support, and look for Party Mix to make the rounds on the internet very soon.

(L to R) Danielle Burt, Linda Benson, Jenna Balester, and Myself

(L to R) Danielle Burt, Linda Benson, Jenna Balester, and Myself.  Photo by Nico Polytaridis


Jenna in the crowd - photo by Nick Borrelli

Jenna in the crowd – photo by Nick Borrelli

The venue - Bird's Surf Shed

The venue – Bird’s Surf Shed


A Little Excursion

Hung out with Sara and Jenna and Nicole the past two days with a few surf sessions snuck in between.  Much fun was had as usual.  California doesn’t suck.

somewhere it was fun today

somewhere it was fun today


cruising san clemente

cruising san clemente