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Super Blood Moon

After researching where and when the super moon eclipse would be here in San Diego it became clear that the moon would be rising while already under partial eclipse.  I thought this would be amazing to see.  Sometimes it’s hard to get a good view of the eastern horizon here in San Diego due to the mountains and hills and the haze that can sometimes crop up.  So some friends and I decided to find a high point to watch the moonrise and the eclipse.  So we headed to nearby Cowles mountain to watch and shoot photos.



Water Housing

Got a new water housing for my Canon T3i.  The first two sessions I took it out it was cloudy and difficult to shoot.  Finally got a decent session today.  Still figuring out the best ways to shoot from the water, although I like using the 35mm lens (it’s a crop sensor so closer to 50mm in reality).


Kelly Nicely having some fun


Kelly Nicely with a great 10….too bad it was far away and the focus seems off


It was harder to line up for the shortboard shots. Here’s Sara Taylor about to hit the lip. I was too close though and had to dive before she made the hit.

Winter Swell

Got to shoot with Erin Ashley, aka Worm, yesterday.  She was absolutely killing it!

FYI – these are screen grabs from video that will be coming soon.


Worm slowing things down a bit


Amy Caron and Worm


Worm on another slider


That nose is wayyyy out. Made it all the way

Social Absorption

Looks like we got another photo in Surfline’s Social Absorption feature.  Thanks Jared 😉



hayley gordon


Pipes Crew

This pic was from the late fall.  For whatever reason, sometimes I don’t post the photos I take right away.  Sometimes I forget, or sometimes I don’t think the pics look that great.  Last night I went through the pics I’ve taken in the last few months to see if any had fallen through the cracks.  I took a second look at this one and decided it should go up.  It’s not a perfect photo – I just like the image of everyone walking down in black suits (Hanna is the one exception) in the sunset. I remember the surf wasn’t very good, but everyone was stoked on one more session before the sun set.

Images From The Trip

There are a couple videos from our road trip to Canada that will be released very soon. is getting the more serious, surf-centric version, and then I will be releasing a sillier version with all the footage that didn’t quite make the cut.  Hopefully the silly version will be making its first appearance at the Board Shorts Surf Film Fest, if it is accepted.  It will be the middle chapter in a three chapter film that should run about 13 minutes or so.  Really excited about all the new stuff coming out.

Photo By Mele Saili


Big Saturday

Jake Zylstra / San Diego

On Rail





Got to shoot with Mele and Jake on Thanksgiving.  We got some fun swell, most swell we’ve seen in quite a few weeks.  Needless to say the crowds were out, but with their talent these two got more than their share.