A Little Excursion

Hung out with Sara and Jenna and Nicole the past two days with a few surf sessions snuck in between.  Much fun was had as usual.  California doesn’t suck.

somewhere it was fun today

somewhere it was fun today


cruising san clemente

cruising san clemente

Party Mix


I’m stoked to have a short film in the Board Shorts Film Festival again this year, held on March 9 at Bird’s Surf Shed.  Come check it out!

The title is “Party Mix”.  I really like this one – it’s a bunch of footage I’ve taken over the summer and into this year.  I haven’t been shooting as much so it’s not as long as By The Way, but it still weighs in at about 12 and a half minutes.  I just had fun with this one.  It’s in three sections – summer surf footage, Canada road trip B roll, and the last section is “long story short” which has already been out.

You do need to get tickets, and last year it did sell out.  http://boardshorts2013.eventbrite.com/#



hayley gordon


San Clemente Antics

Jenna finally came back from all her travels, and we hit San Clemente for some waves and shenanigans





Social Absorption


The photo from the last post made Social Absorption on Surfline.  Check it out!

Pipes Crew

This pic was from the late fall.  For whatever reason, sometimes I don’t post the photos I take right away.  Sometimes I forget, or sometimes I don’t think the pics look that great.  Last night I went through the pics I’ve taken in the last few months to see if any had fallen through the cracks.  I took a second look at this one and decided it should go up.  It’s not a perfect photo – I just like the image of everyone walking down in black suits (Hanna is the one exception) in the sunset. I remember the surf wasn’t very good, but everyone was stoked on one more session before the sun set.

Swami’s Doing Its Thing

Been out of the water for about a week with a neck strain.  It’s been nice to get back out in the lineup.  Swami’s has been nice the past few days but incredibly crowded.  I remember last year if you went during the day on a weekday it wasn’t too bad, crowd-wise.  I think a lot of spots are temporarily messed up from all the dredging they did recently (too much sand, etc) because I’m seeing a lot of Grandview and Pipes guys out in the lineup at Swami’s.

Today Swami’s was really doing it’s thing, and even though my wave count was a little low, the ones I did get were really fun.  Also got caught inside and swept south of the stairs a few times by big multi-wave sets that had the entire inside looking like a bathtub of foam.

Images From The Trip

There are a couple videos from our road trip to Canada that will be released very soon.  Korduroy.tv is getting the more serious, surf-centric version, and then I will be releasing a sillier version with all the footage that didn’t quite make the cut.  Hopefully the silly version will be making its first appearance at the Board Shorts Surf Film Fest, if it is accepted.  It will be the middle chapter in a three chapter film that should run about 13 minutes or so.  Really excited about all the new stuff coming out.

Photo By Mele Saili


Party Favors

After a night out at the Departure art show in Leucadia, we went back to the residence of Mani and Christine to have some beer and tequila.  These two are the definition of stoke, and they always want to share it.  Mani gave us some party favors to take home – surfboards!  I have to tell you, Mani Caro is one of the nicest and most genuine people I have met.  I knew about him as a shaper before even meeting him, and I’m stoked to have gotten to know him.  His boards are the illustration alongside the surfing dictionary definition of “clean lines” and he has a very distinctive style.  He was generous enough to let us all take a board from his collection to try out.  Everyone walked home by starlight with a gleaming white board under their arm.  Classic Leucadia night.

foto by michael emery

foto by monica thatcher

Margaux / RVCA video

Got a video done for RVCA this past month.  It’s a profile /  lifestyle video done exclusively for RVCA and features Margaux.  This was a fun shoot.  Check it out on this website or head over to RVCA.com while it’s still up on the main page.