Finding Miss Teen Massachusetts

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A month I randomly came across an album at Lou’s Records in Leucadia from a band called “Skaters”.  Their name amused me, so I was curious what they sounded like.  If a vinyl has an interesting cover, or a band has a catchy name, I will write it down and look up the music to see if I eventually want to buy the record.  I looked up their music later on and was excited to see they were fellow New Yorkers (extra points for any band from New York).  I found the remix for Miss Teen Massachusetts, and couldn’t stop listening to it.  I decided that the song I was originally going to use for Summer Salad wasn’t working for me anymore, and this new song from Skaters was just the thing I needed.  I finally purchased said record yesterday  (Along with a 1980 gem from Surf Punks – so bad it’s good).   Unfortunately the record doesn’t have the remix on it, but I think the original version is just as good.  Oh, I bought the record at Fingerprints in Long Beach.  Sorry Lou’s, I will make it up to you!


Getting Nowhere Faster

Getting Nowhere Faster
Getting Nowhere Faster Decks

Hung out with Amy Caron and Taylor Beatty this weekend in Long Beach.  Amy gave us a couple classic decks from the Villa Villa Cola production “Getting Nowhere Faster”.  So epic!  Thanks Amy!


We also delivered her Popwar deck to Red Room in Long Beach.  Check it out if you’re in the LBC


Desert Pow-wow

Headed to the desert with a bunch of friends this past Friday.  Manny brought his tent setup and we drank beer, shot BB guns, and danced.  The moon rise that night in the desert was absolutely unreal – the dust cast a ghostly haze across the horizon and gave everything a dream-like twilight quality.  It didn’t feel like earth.  Definitely blessed to have been able to do something like this.

The DJ Both before the party got going
The DJ Both before the party got going

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desert camp jam 043.JPG_effected

desert camp jam 048.JPG_effected

desert camp jam 068.JPG_effected